Letter to CCIT seeking review of ITI promotions

Dear Comrades,

In view of the clarification of the Board with respect to the feeder cadres of the ITI, a request have been made to CCIT to review the ITI promotions made from 2001.

For letter issued to CCIT CLICK HERE

For CBDT clarification CLICK HERE

Fraternally yours


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  1. krishan kant bairwa says:

    i am a sr. ta in delhi charge.
    i joined as ta in march-2010
    cleared udc dept exam in 2010
    cleared iti dept exam in 2011
    promoted as sr. ta on 04.06.2012
    this year, in may 2013 my name was considered in vigilance list for inspector(list contained 102 names)
    but recently circulated iti vigilance list of 197 officials my name is not considered.
    personnel officer says that as i have not completed 3 years of service as on 01.01.2013 so my name is not considered but in list total 19 officials who are my junior in sr. ta seniority list are being considered for promotion.
    so i need recruitment rules for inspectors
    can anyone provide soft copy/link for the same

    thanks in advance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To another primary member (who is spreading hate amongst department and trying to divide)
    This member is talking against Stenographer is out of jealous and inferiority.
    There are channels available for both Stenographers as well as UDCs/TAs.
    Stenographer joining as Gr. III can go upto Sr.P.S.
    UDC/TA joining can go upto AO Gr.I.
    Ratio decided is on the basis of sanctioned posts. If the stenographers are not recruited, it is not the fault of the stenographers. Because of non-recruitment of stenographers, each stenographer has to work ten times more than a Sr. T.A. (who is most busy dealing with assessees’ in all manners).
    A Stenographer even after getting promoted as Income Tax Inspector, he has to do the work of a Stenographer as well as Income Tax Inspector.
    History has proved that out of promotee officers, number of quality assessment orders passed and revenue collected for the Department is the highest by the Officers who have come from Stenographer cadre.

  3. Amit kumar, stenographer gr.-ii, gaya says:

    Hello friends, I am Amit Kumar, Stenographer Gr.-ii, in Gaya.

    With the implementation proceedings of cadre restructuring in Income Tax Department, all the cadres i.e. Group A, B & C are being benefited. The government is expected to collect Rs. 25,000/- crore more revenue in stead of more expenses of Rs. 550/- crore after restructuring.
    It is well known that the stenographers are back bone of the department. The work of stenographers is important at all respects. This is pertinent to mention that the stenographers and ministrial staffs i.e. TA are promoted accordingly ratio of 1:3. The department knows the importance of promotion of stenographers indeed and that is why the above ratio was not changed in previous cadre restructuring.
    Only one stenographer is loaded with heavy typing and many miscellaneous work of the department. This heavy load of work is to such an extent that only one stenographer is assigned the total typing work of one range consisting 1 circle, 3 or 4 wards and 1 TRO office. How much contrary is this that only one stenographer is expected to do the whole work of a range which requires not less than 2 or three stenographer. At this stage it is said that who will perform the work of stenographer? A TA necessary not! And a work of TA which is presumed to be non-reflecting is also handed over to a stenographer.
    In previous restructuring, LDC (G.P. 1900) was promoted to TA (G.P. 2400). But, stenographer was not provided any benefits. The post of LDC was feeder cadre in the department and is filled through direct recruitment every year and the post of LDC/TA was continuously filled by the department. But, there was a long gap in recruitment of stenographers before 2008 and after promotions the number of stenographers is few in the department.
    Now, this not only impertinent but also injustice to the stenographers to change the promotion guidelines and not following the ratio of 1:3. Because, the number of stenographers decreased in the department not due to promotion but due to non-recruitment against the vacencies of stenographers during 2000 to 2008. In the meanwhile the recruitment of ministrial staff i.e. LDC/TA was continuously on. Now, saying that the number of stenographers in the department is few and so the promotion ruls for stenographers requires changes is injustice to the stenographers and this is also not in the favour of department.
    This will be more effective in cadre restructuring if separate seneriority list of EA is created i.e. EA (TA) and EA (Steno) and during promotion to the post of ITI the same ratio of 1:3 is followed. Those EA who do not pass ITI exam will automatically be eligible for promotion to the post of OS/AO and PA/PS. This system of promotion will not only be beneficial for all staffs but also push them to work with more efficient manner. This will ultimately benefit the department.

  4. phurba sherpa (sr.TA) says:

    hi frends, i am sr.TA from AP and the CBDT clarification was based on our request for promotion. Although in AP there is about 18 vacancies of ITI in ST cateogory lying vacant for the last 6 to 7 years, they are not following the CBDT clarification of 2005 which clearly states that Ta with 3 years of service and having passed the dept. Exam is eligible for promotion to the cadre of IT but the administration is turning a blind eye to it. All the states except AP iss relunctant to accept the same. Lets c what happens. Finger crossed !

  5. ANONYMOUS says:

    mudslinging should stop. All are members of IT family and ITEF. Every employee longs for promotion and upward mobility in their career. There should be no distinction between TA or steno. Stenos are now getting promotion in a short span of time because of sudden fall in their cadre strength. Let this issue be taken up at higher level by the ITEF. The problem is solved for ever if promotions to ITI are done from a common seniority list. Whatever has happened in the past cannot be undone. Let no enmity, hatred or ill-will prevail amongst the employees. THE GENERAL SECRETARY AND PRESIDENT SHOULD SEE THAT THE ACCUSATIONS AND COUNTER ACCUSATIONS DO NOT TAKE PLACE IN THE ASSOCIATION.

  6. bineet ghosh says:

    Its worth mentioning that udcs were actually made tas in 2001 and hence in no way can be said that tas are notnot equivalent to udcs. i am a direct recruit udc of 1998 & got prmoted to sta in 2006. As per as the ratio of 3:1 is concerned, we in west bengal have filed CAT case in Kolkata bench against this illogical rule.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The LDCs in pay scale starting with 950-1050 are the promotees to ITO now. The DEO’s who joined in the pay scale of 1350-2200 become juniors to these people. The cadre restructuring is due to massive induction of computers in the department. We never demand a march over over the Higher pay earners. Only demanded a parity with those officials with the same pay scales (at least in with UDCs) based on joining time in the department. We never demanded or inclusion of our cader in re-structuring. We also unaware of the happenings in 2000 & 2001. We were compulsorily merged and placed below those who are getting lower pay than us. we were not allowed to write departmental examination, no body told us earlier that our cadre is going to merge. You grab the fruits of restructuring, again you are barking. You are behind everything and unnecessarily throwing stone on us. You grabbed our promotions. RR is on one way, for you, it is violating, deliberately, for you people, new rules framing, clarifications were issued, issuing, will issue. Again & again the losers are DEOs

  8. another primary member says:

    It is has now come clear that the leaders were fooling the members in ministerial cadres (majority) for the last 12 years.
    As such I request that the ITEF, Kochi unit to pass a resolution and copy send to HRD & Ad.VII, CBDT on the following lines

    1. On the strength of CBDT’s clarification in F.No.HRD/CM/123/4/12-13/40/7 dated 15-3-2013,

    2. CBDT’s order in F.No.A-41015/19/2002-Ad-VII(Pt.II) dated 20-10-2003 and

    3. DOPT’s FAQ on RR No.AB-14017/13/2013-Estt(RR) (1349)





  9. VPV says:

    Comrade Sajeev, dont let dis web page 2 be used as a battleground by stenos & ministerial staff. Let better sense prevail

  10. SUNIL C J says:

    The pay scale of stenographers(Selection Grade) and stenographers (Grade-II) were always less than that of Inspectors.
    C.A.T Mumbai bench in it’s O.A. No.591/01 dated 19.02.2002, C.A.T Ernakulam Bench’s order in O.A. No.238/05 date 15.01.2007 and C.A.T Ernakulam Bench’s order in O.A.1010/10 dated 30.07.2012 (in my case) clearly explains that the scale of not even stenographers grade-II(with grade pay-4200) are always quite less than that of inspectors. The argument that the scale of stenographers(selection grade) i.e.today’s stenographers with grade pay 2400/-are meaningless and himalayan blunder and is selfish in nature.
    Stenographer grade II pay scale in third pay commission :425-700(In the thiird pay commission)
    Inspector of income tax :425-800(The lower limit equal does not mean both scales are equal. Now the lower scale of Sr.T.As, Inspectors and Officers are 9300/-. It does not mean all scales are equal.

    Stenographer grade II pay scale in third pay commission :1400-2600(In the fourth pay commission)
    Inspector of income tax :1640-2900

    Stenographer grade II pay scale in third pay commission :5000-8000(In the fifth pay commission)
    Inspector of income tax :5500-9000

    most of the stenographers and P.S are simply sitting in the department without doing any job. But tax assistants and senior tax assistants are that much busy in the department. Most of the departments works are doing through I.T.D and R.S.A tokens are given to T.A s and Sr.T.As . A T.A do ten times work than a steno. But a T.A taken 18 years to become a inspector. But a steno with 4 years. The qualification of T.A is graduation and computer knowledge. But stenos are only 10th pass and shorthand.

  11. Sreekumar says:

    Coin is being tossed.
    It is falling down.
    If it is head,
    you will win.
    If it is tail,
    I will lose.
    Around me,
    I see lot of crocodiles,
    to cry on my defeat.
    “we have some tears.
    Shall we shed it” ?
    they are asking me
    with a chuckle !

    not now,
    after restructuring”

    I replied.

    santhi !
    santhi !!
    santhi !!!!

  12. another primary member says:

    In response to letter by a Primary Member dated 7th April, 2013.
    1) The member is still Stenographer Gr-III only. There is no order upgrading their pay or grade.
    2) ITEF is the union lead by Stenos for Stenos and DEOs only – swallowing the ministerial cadres mercilessly since 2001.
    3) What is the FATE of STENOS ? With just 3 years, Steno Gr-III are being promoted as Inspectors ( not at all their channel) from GP 2400 to GP 4600. Smooth and wonderful sailing? !!!!
    4) The so called biting parties are waiting for 20 years in the particular charge for their own channel of promotion!!!!
    5) Inspectors posts are not the channel for Stenos and DEOs. It must be, truly, for Ministerial staff only who are attending the core sections of the Department for years.
    6) The pay of the Stenos/DEOs may be more only because of their technical skill – ( actually not there). It is foolish to compare with Ministerial Cadres – The work and responsibilities are never comparable ! – Only because KUTTYS are leaders, this unfair system was established.
    1) During restructuring, in 2001, more than 100 LDCs were continued as LDCs in the abolished post for more than year.
    2) We got around 97 posts of STAs less than the required/eligible posts
    3) A mainstream employee who worked in Establishment and Asst. wings for more than 18 years were made to wait in the STA cadre to complete 3 years, for promotion as O.S.
    4) Main stream employees were/are being befooled by the leaders, saying that RR for Inspectors are not framed. Even after a lapse of 12 years since Restructure, it has not come! It will not come ! It need not come ! Please understand that the leader Stenos want to continue with the RR available without amendments as early as 1985 ! All the leaders got promoted, even Steno Gr-III who just completed 3 years have been promoted from GP-2400 to GP 4600/-. Main stream employees completed 20 years in this charge drawing GP-4200 for more than last 6 years are still continuing as STAs !
    5) It is learned that the Board prepared a draft RR soon after Restructure, which was not agreeable for the LEADERS. Do you know why ? In the feeder grade there was no Steno, as is prevailing in 80 % Departments.
    6) The amended RR by the Board in 2003 has not come out just because steno Gr-III is excluded from feeder grade to Inspectors post !
    7) You know how we are going to be cheated In the ensuing Cadre Review ? A reclassification of cadres are being proposed by the LEADERS – All the STAs, OSs and Stenos with GP 4200/- will constitute a single cadre as Executive Assistants. This means those stenos who did not pass ITI Exam will be filtered into our cadres according to their date of entry- probably above our senior- most mainstream cadres, grabbing our AOs post also. They have all the avenues opened ! How brilliant LEADERS we have !
    8) The proposal for RR/Reclassification of cadres must be circulated among members and if necessary let it be voted. In 2001 Restructuring, the mainstream employees were unaware of what was happening ! We were cheated by the merger of DEOs with main cadres violating all the norms and Hon. SC verdict. The RR/Reclassification is not to be prepared by Steno leaders, slyly with Ad-VII, CBDT. Let all members be aware of the fact. Let there be some democracy – Put an end to the long years of suppression and cheating faced by the Ministerial staff (90%) by the Stenos and DEOs (10%). In future, let there be STAs, and OS only in the feeder cadre for promotion to Inspectors – which is very much justifiable.

  13. Mani. V.V. says:

    Mani. V .V.
    (Primary Member of ITEF)
    Stenographer Gr-II,
    Income Tax Office, Kochi

    The Secretary General
    ITEF (CHQ)
    New Delhi.

    Through: 1. The ITEF, Ernakulam Branch, Kerala
    2. The ITEF, Kerala Circle.
    (Advance Copy Submitted Directly).


    Sub: Letter dtd:4/3/2014, of the ITEF, Kerala Circle, for Review of promotions made to the cadre of Income Tax Inspectors w.e.f. 2001 – Protest – Reg.

    Ref: CBDT’s F. No. HRD/CM/123/4/2012-13/40/7 dated 15.03.2013, addressed to the Chief Commissioner of income Tax (ACCA), Andhrapradesh.

    Kind reference is invited to http://www.itefkerala.com, letter addressed to the Chief CIT (CCA), Kerala, of the Acting General Secretary of ITEF Kerala Circle, demanding for review of promotions made to the cadre of Income Tax Inspectors w.e.f. 2001, as Stenographers Gr-III has been promoted to the Cadre of Inspectors.

    The action of ITEF Kerala Circle, clearly shows that ITEF is the union of Ministerial Staff only, and whenever there is a chance to bite them, they will bite the Stenographers Cadre to kill them. The fate of the stenographers as detailed below support the same.

    Fate of Stenographer Gr-II from 1981 to 2006

    Prior to 1980-81
    Pay Scale 425-700 (Inspector 425-800)

    Pay Scale 500-900

    After Fourth Pay Commission.

    Stenographer Grade-II merged with Stenographer Selection Grade
    Pay Scale 1400-2600
    (Inspector pay Scale 1640- 2900 means pay of Stenographer Gr-II has been again Down graded

    After. Fifth Pay Commission.

    Pay Scale 5000-8000
    (Down graded to THE SCALE of Old Tax Assistant 5000-8000)
    (Inspector 6500-10500)

    After Sixth Pay Commission. Gr-II

    Pay Scale 5200-20200 Grade Pay 2400
    (Again down graded to the Grade of Tax Assistant,
    which is the upgraded post of LDC)

    9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200(Sr. TA & O.S.)
    9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600 (Inspector )

    The last Grade of Stenographer is Gr-II and
    Only One promotional avenue i.e Stenographer Gr-I

    Pay Scale 9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200 (Sr. TA & O.S.)

    Now the Stenographer Gr-I is equivalent to Sr.TA i.e. UDC


    Mighty fall of Stenographer Gr-II from 1981 from the Scale of Inspector to
    Lower Division Clerk in 2006
    The gain given by the ITEF to the Stenographers Cadre


    Even after the above facts, the Stenographer Cadre never acted against the interest of ITEF, and with true spirit, stand in the forefront of the Union for the benefit of Income Tax Employees. At this juncture it is pertinent to note that in Kerala Charge the Ratio laid down in the promotional avenue of Inspector from the cadre of UDC : Stenographer as 6:2, as against all India Policy of 3:1 against which the Stenographers has been forced to file litigation before the Hon. CAT, Ernakulam Bench, and the ITEF, Kerala Circle simply supported the Ministerial Staff.

    As per the recruitment rule for Inspectors prevailing, since because there is no Recruitment Rule framed after restructuring of Income Tax Department in the year 2000-2001, the feeder cadre of promotion of Inspectors are UDCs and Stenographer Gr-III and their promoted cadres subject to the condition of passing Inspectors Examination conducted by the Department.

    What is CBDT’s F. No. HRD/CM/123/4/2012-13/40/7 dated 15.03.2013, addressed to the CCIT (CCA), Andhra Pradesh ?

    As plain reading of the Subject of the said letter i.e. Promotion to the cadre of Inspectors of Income Tax – Eligibility of Tax Assistants, Representation from Tax Assistants belonging to ST Category – Clarification – Reg., clearly shows that this clarification has been given by the Board on the basis of representation given by the ST Category Tax Assistants for their consideration for promotion as Inspectors, since in various charges Tax Assistants belonging to SC/ST category have been promoted as Inspectors of Income Tax.

    From the above it can be seen that the clarification is against the Interest of SC/ST Category and the belief of the newly entered Tax Assistants in our Department that they are AT PAR with the erstwhile UDCs & Stenographer Gr-III. Now without obtaining a consent from ITEF, Andhra Pradesh Circle and ITSEWA, Andhra Pradesh, the ITEF Kerala Circle has accepted the Boards said clarification, which has fueled the issue that ITEF is a BIASED INSTITUTION.

    From the acceptance of above clarification following new facts emerges:-

    1. T.A. cadre is not AT PAR with the erstwhile cadre of UDCs and they are not the feeder cadre for promotion as Inspectors. They are merely getting the pay of erstwhile UDCs, whereas Stenographer Gr-III remains as Stenographer Gr-III.

    2. Since the above fact has been accepted by the ITEF, Kerala Circle, the Committee formed and intimated vide letter of ITEF dated 22/10/2012 for change in Recruitment Rule of Inspectors, decision taken and communicated to the CHQ, is having no relevance because TA is not the feeder cadre for Inspectors and on the basis of following data under INFORMATION TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER SECTION 4(1)(b) OF THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005, CENTRAL BOARD OF DIRECT TAXES:-
    Name of the Post Sanctioned Strength
    Office Suptd 2530
    Sr. Tax Assistant 8581
    Tax Assistant 11282
    Steno Gr-I 1022
    Steno Gr-II 2037
    Steno Gr-III 2445
    From the above, it can be seen that the combined strength of OS and STA is 11111 and combined strength of Stenographer Gr-I & II is 3059. Now the Stenographer Gr-III has been upgraded as Stenographer Gr-II and Stenographer Gr-II has been upgraded as Stenograger Gr-I, the combined strength of Stenographer Gr-I & II is 5504. From the above factgs, and since it has been accepted by the ITEF Kerala Circle that TA is not the feeder cadre of Inspectors, any recommendation made by the ITEF Kerala Circle regarding change in Recruitment Rule of Inspectors is not acceptable to the cadre of Stenographers. This is for the first time in the history of ITEF that Stenographer Cadre is demanding. Any action against the demand of Stenographers will lead to litigation, which may kindly be noted.


    Please take immediate steps to withdraw the Clarification given in CBDT’s F. No. HRD/CM/123/4/2012-13/40/7 dated 15.03.2013, addressed to the Chief Commissioner of income Tax (CCA), Andhrapradesh, because CBDTs order F.No. A-41A1;5l$12O02-Ad.VII(PI II) dated 20.10.2003, has been superseded by clarification 2005, and promotion to the cadre of Inspectors even considering the case of TAs, even in Kerala Charges has been going on in all Charges.

    Yours comradely,

    (Mani. V.V)
    :Copy to all Stenographers & Inspectors from Stenographers:

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