DOPT order on representations on service matters

Dear comrades,

Attached hereunder are the various orders issued by DOPT with respect to the representations from Government Servants on service matters.

Representation from Government servant on service matters

Yours fraternally


One Response to DOPT order on representations on service matters

  1. Purushothaman says:

    This happens because of the ‘administrative apathy’ from BOTTOM to top. This phenomenon starts at the entry level itself. DoPT’s general orders are binding to all departments. There are so many instances, the clear orders are not being implemented. If clarified (though not needed), the higher authority never answers. Further, they takes twin stands on the same issue between group ‘A’ and ‘C’ . The lower rung members have to be benevolent first to give a positive attitude towards the service matters of their own colleagues. This will remain the same until the ATTITUDE change.

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