Protest letter to Chairperson, CBDT issue by JCA

Dear Comrades,

Placed below is the letter of the JCA addressed to the Chairperson protesting the way in which the CBDT intends to implement the Cadre Restructuring Proposal approved by the Cabinet ignoring the ITEF and ITGOA.  The letter is self explanatory.  We have also lodged our protest to the Chairperson in person too.  The Chairperson has assured that our concerns will be addressed soon.  But till we are informed the steps that are being taken by the Board to include our Representatives in the Core and other sub-committees at apex and the CCA level for including our representative, as demanded by us , we are not to get involved or to extend any co-operation in any way in the Cadre Restructuring Implementation Process.  You will be kept informed as and when there is any further development in this regard.

Yours fraternally,

KP Rajagopal,

Secretary General.





A-2/95, Manishinath Bhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027

Joint Convenors

Rajesh D Menon & K.P. Rajagopal

No. N-1/M-10/1/2012-15                                           Dated: 28th June, 2013


The Chairperson,

Central Board of Direct Taxes,

North Block,

New Delhi-110 001.


Sub:     Formation of Core-committees and sub-committees for

Implementing Cadre Restructuring proposals – regarding

            Please refer to the above. Also refer to ITEF’s letter dated 7-6-2013 requesting to constitute a committee including representatives of three service associations in the department for implementing the Cadre Restructuring-2013 & ITGOA’s letter dated 17-6-2013 requesting for a representation in the Core-Committee and all the sub-committees that were to be formed.

2.         With regard to the above, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that on 19-6-2013 O/o HRD has constituted a Core Committee of 10 persons without any representation from ITEF and ITGOA which together account for more than 95% of the work-force in the department. Further it has been reliably learnt from the field formation that CBDT had instructed the Cadre Controlling Authorities to suggest the name of one Officer and one Official from each region for inclusion of their names in the Subcommittees at National level with a rider that such officer or official should not be an office bearer or having any connection with ITEF & ITGOA. Here, it is pertinent to highlight that when a Committee was formed in 2008 to suggest & formulate this very Cadre Restructuring Proposal, representatives of this ITEF & ITGOA was included not only in the main committee but also in all the sub-committees. Therefore, it is not only surprising but causing great anguish from the fact that the Board has chosen to ignore the JCA (comprising of ITEF and ITGOA) while constituting the committees for implementing the Cadre Restructuring – 2013, especially when a a commitment was given to include representatives of ITEF & ITGOA in such committees, during the meeting of PGRM held on 22-2-2013.

3.         Your good self will appreciate that the contributions of ITEF & ITGOA was significant, both in finalising the proposal and during the process of its approval by the Government.  The order constituting the Committee was placed for a few hours in the Website of IRS Officers only ( and not in department’s official website (   and its removal from the site only strengthen our belief that the intention of the authorities is not bonafide and the implementation of Cadre Restructuring will be far-away from the spirit of the original proposal. In this context, it may be kindly noted that before taking any policy decision relating to service matters, formal discussion with recognized Service Association (ITEF & ITGOA) is a pre-requisite.

4.         We wish to bring to your kind notice that the above decision of CBDT i.e. to keep the recognized service associations viz. ITEF & ITGOA whose members constitute more than 95% of the entire work-force of the I.T. Dept., outside the committee is causing total discontentment in the rank and file of our members and this does not forebode well for a conducive working atmosphere much needed for achieving the goal of the Department.

5.         Your good self is therefore requested, to take immediate steps such as to reconstitute the Core Committee at Board level with the inclusion of Representatives of ITEF & ITGOA and also re-issue instructions to the Chief Commissioners (CCA) to include only such members who are nominated by ITEF and ITGOA in Committees at all levels.  We would also like to mention that in pursuit of our legitimate rights, JCA (comprising of ITEF & ITGOA) will not flinch from adopting any stand or step including non-cooperation in general and in implementing Cadre Restructuring, in particular.

                                               Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Sd/                                                                                   Sd/

Rajesh D Menon.                                                          K.P.Rajagopal

Joint Convenor                                                        Joint Convenor

 Copy Submitted to the Secretary (Revenue), Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, New Delhi with a request to issue necessary instruction to the Central Board of Direct Taxes to include the representatives of the two Service Associations in the Committee for considering suggestions and smooth implementation of the Restructuring of the Department.

Copy to The Director General of Income Tax (HRD), CBDT, ICADR Building, Vasant Kunj,New Delhi for information.

5 Responses to Protest letter to Chairperson, CBDT issue by JCA

  1. joy puthussery says:

    the comment made by the above members are absolutely right. now time is reached to change the hirarchy of the union. presnet union controled by estwhile stenographer leaders totally against the interest of 85% ministerial staff. therefore he CBDT’s decision is in right manner and right path. therefore I request all ministerial staff comarades are to wake up from your sleep and fight for your legitimate right provided under constitution. the issue of 20% quata for stenographers first raised in ITEF KUTCH (GUJARAT) confrence. In the first instance DOPT rejected this proposal under the note that this is un ethical and cannot implement in one department . there after in Madras ITEF confrence again this proposal made and passed in the confrence. Shri. KKN KUtty was the main archetecture of this move. through his influence with higher ups he get it approved by the Board and Ministery of Expenditure. All stenographers tasted the illegal fruit of reservation. therefore I request all comrades to register your protest against this discrimination and segregation against the ministerial staff.

  2. rrrr says:

    Above comments are apt and clear on ITEF stand which always favours the well being of SG staff only. Hope this time since there is no ITEF representation there will be some relief for Ministerial Staff

  3. Anonymous says:

    Above comments are apt and clear. Hope without ITEF representaion in the Committee there will be some relief for Ministerial Cadre

  4. xyz says:

    The comment above is a reveal of facts. If the association leaders are represented, it will not do justice to mainstream cadres at large, in the ensuing cadre review also. Stenos & DEOs are technical cadres, they should be excluded from the feeder cadres for promotion as Inspectors henceforth. Don’t be-fool the main cadres anymore !

  5. another primary member says:

    It is admitted that the union leaders were present in all process of last restructuring. As is mentioned above, in ITEF also 95% of the group ‘C’ employees are ministerial cadres… What you have done in their favour ? !! Especially in Kerala..the promotions to the cadres of Inspectors are being done on the basis of RR as early as 1985 ? The Board amended the RR in 2003 excluding Steno-III from the feeder grade and the ratio was changed from 3:1 to 4:1. Again who MANAGED to amend it again in 2005 and went back to 1985 RR ? This union is by Stenographers for stenographers (and DEOs), to snatch all the rights of ministerial cadres. What right a Steno Gr-III with 3 years service to be promoted as Inspector while OSs and STAs for more than 20 years service are left behind ????

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