Suggestion on RR placed before the local implementation committee by the ITEF

Dear comrades,

Attached hereunder are the suggestions given by the ITEF, Kerala Circle with respect to the amendments required to various Recruitment Rules post restructuring.


Fraternally yours


2 Responses to Suggestion on RR placed before the local implementation committee by the ITEF

  1. abcd says:

    The ITEF was always lead by some Steno leaders, even though the strength of the union (about 85%) were ministerial cadres. They always made the authorities as well as the mainstream cadres tight-lipped to pave their way ahead with their own agenda. The Board and DoPT never wanted to include technical cadres in the feeder grades for promotion as Inspectors. Still they managed till now grabbing the post of Inspectors with 1985 Recruitment Rules ?! Even without a move from the mainstream cadres, the Board amended the ratio of ministerial cadres and stenos (3:1 to 4:1) excluding Steno-Gr-III from the feeder cadres in 2003. Again the Steno leaders, illegally, got it amended to continue the 1985 RR.
    This reveals the dormant condition of the mainstream cadres and leaders. Creeping into the cadre restructuring committee, they are trying to FOOL the ministerial cadres ! Now all cadres bearing GP 4200 are being merged to form ‘Executive Assistant’. We must understand that the post of AO will also be stolen from us along with Inspector post. But there must be only mainstream cadres in the feeder cadre for promotion as Inspectors and Administrative Officers. If this demand cannot be implemented, better keep off from the association – don’t get be-fooled anymore! Don’t be under mental slavery of some steno leaders anymore!

  2. SUNIL C J. Vice President of ITEF Thrissur. says:

    1.The DR quota for ITIs must be reduced to zeor atleast for one time meassure.

    2. All vacancies are lower level no use for existing employees.

    3.The residency period must be relaxed for all cadres.

    4. So many vacancy in the cadres of Sr.Tax Assistant going to be vacant. so the residency period for promotion to executive assistant must totally be relaxed.
    5.The residency period for promotion must be relaxed. 5 years may be relaxed to 2 years.
    6.Direct recruitment for ITIs must be stopped. Only experienced people should come in to these posts.
    7.The promotion to P.S and A.O to be as per the choice of the Senior most executive assistant. Other wise there would be seniority problem.

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