CBDT’s letter to all CCsIT[CCA] on N R Parmar case

Dear comrades,

The CBDT has communicated the comments of Directorate of HRD on N R Parmar case to all CCsIT[CCA] for necessary action.

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Fraternally yours


4 Responses to CBDT’s letter to all CCsIT[CCA] on N R Parmar case

  1. PVB REDDY says:

    the case referred to by Deepak Joshi is
    CIVIL APPEAL NOS. 1712-1713 OF 2002 P. Sudhakar Rao & Ors. …..Appellants Versus
    U. Govinda Rao & Ors. …..Respondents

    I do not think the same is applicable in the present parmar case

  2. Nikhil says:

    Above said Nagarjuna case doesnt relate to Central Govt services. It is about AP State Government engineers only.

  3. admin says:

    Dear comrade,
    A search on the net didn’t come up with the judgement you have referred to. We shall be obliged if you could post the accurate case no./title of the judgement,

  4. DEEPAK JOSHI says:

    In my view the judgement of supreme court in P. Nagarjuna case civil appeal no. 1712/2002 , judgement date july 2013 has negated the effect of judgement in parmar case.

    Pl. Go through it.

    With regards

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