Allocation suggested by sub-committee

Dear comrades,

Attached herewith is the possible allocation of posts worked out on the basis of recommendation furnished by the sub-committee constituted for the purposed. It may be noted that the final numbers may slightly vary as this is subject to further discussion at the Board level. Also, there is a possibility of Office at Kalpetta being approved as it is reliably known that the sub-committee has recommended the same. However, no allocation has been granted for International Transaction Range. It may also be noted that the 52 ITI posts which Kerala charge lost by way of abolishment have been made good. Errors in calculating the post is also not ruled out.

allocation chart

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank god ! The Committee discarded the ITEF suggestions and followed a scientific and genuine rule for allocation of additional posts created instead of % formula. During the restructure, 2001-02, the ITEF managed to have their foul play in allocation and Kerala got hundreds of posts less than actually due to us. In future also let the Board/Committee take such stern and right views. But the Board should understand about undue benefits being enjoyed by stenos all these decades and even in the present Cadre Review at the cost of mainstream cadres.

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