AO, ITI & OS promotion order dated 20-12-2013

Dear comrades,

AO, ITI & OS order dated 20-12-2013

ITI order

OS order

AO order

With X’mas greetings

Narayan Hari

General Secretary

5 Responses to AO, ITI & OS promotion order dated 20-12-2013

  1. K.N.Purushothaman says:

    Dear anonymous, ITI is not the channel for technical cadres, like DEOs and Stenos. Look around other
    Departments… only in very few departments stenos are allowed to mainstream channel, that too behind them only. In India or world through, only in Income Tax Department a steno is jumping from 2400 to 4600 without touching 4200… leaving behind the mainstream cadres… circus… I am unaware, that the whole growth is by promoting Steno-III with 3 years service (not their channel) to Inspectors !!!! Understand that technical cadre is never to be compared with mainstream cadres.

  2. Annonymous says:

    Dear K.N. Purushottaman, in your comments itself, there is answer. T.A. with Grade Pay of Rs.2400 is getting promotion as STA and within 8 years from the date of joining getting another promotion as O.S. Vow ||| two promotions within 8 years. At the same time a Stenographe Gr-II with Grade Pay of Rs.2400 is not getting a single promotion for first 10 years. This is an all India phenomenon. If your arguement is accepted, there will be chaos in your neighbourhood Chennai, because there Stenographers are waiting for granting Seniority in ITI promotion, because they are Senior to Ministerial Staff waiting for promotion as ITI. Please see that ITEF is an all India association. probably you may not have worked in the leadership, i.e. why you do not know anything about all India. Your thinking is Regionalism, it will diminish the growth of the country.

  3. Annonymous says:

    ITEF, Kerala Circle, A Big Red Salute to You for your success, because unity prevails. Congrats

  4. Hari Kishan says:

    ITEF, Kerala Circle, A Big Red Salute to You for your success.

  5. K.N.Purushothaman says:

    I feel ashamed to be in this department where an ordinary grade steno having just 3 years “SERVICE” with GP 2400 are being promoted as ITI with GP-4600/-. Those STAs in GP 4200 for more than 8 years are being promoted as OS with GP 4200/-. Let the leaders of ITEF and the board ( for their apathy) perish like anything, for having cheated the mainstream employees at large, by following 1986 RRs.

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