Dear comrades,

A hundred years after the first international May Day protests in 1890 in Chicago and the fight to obtain a working day of 8 hours, the capitalists and the governments again are forcing workers and their families to fight for decent working and living conditions. The accumulation of wealth in a few hands, the growth of corporate sector and the fall in the purchasing capacity of the workers and employees are the indication of the growing unrest and degradation of the society. Education and medical facilities are unreachable to common man. A place to dwell in is still a distant dream to so many employees and workers.

At this juncture, the Central Government employees should discharge their duty with full awareness and understanding. To regain the health facilities, to ensure the periodical wage revision for every five years, to get the DA merger, to regain the lost pension right etc. we have no other alternative but to tread the path of struggle in the coming days on the face of adversarial political and economical policies.

With all the unity, awareness and conscientiousness, let’s together resist and stop these anti-employee and anti-people policies. Let’s take pledge on this May Day to strive hard for better life and brighter tomorrow for all and to demand our rightful share as a stakeholder in the process of development, defeating the nefarious designs of the protagonists of neo-liberal economic policies.

With May Day greetings,

A. G. Narayan Hari,

General Secretary.

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