Circular No. 3/15-18 of CHq


Manishinath Bhawan

A2/95 Rajourigarden

New Delhi-110027

Cir. No. 3/15-18                                                                       Dated: 31st March,2015.

Dear Comrades.

Oral evidence before the VII-CPC

            The VII-CPC has given a meeting to the Income Tax Employees Federation for presenting oral evidence on the demands canvassed in the JCA Memorandum on Departmental Issues.  Accordingly, to day, the 27th March, 2015 the following representatives of JCA tendered evidence before the VII-CPC at 10.30AM.

            Com. Ashok Kr. Kanojia, President, ITEF,

            Com. Rupak Sarkar, Secretary General, ITEF,

            Com. KP Rajagopal, Ex-Secretary General, ITEF,

            Com. Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Secretary General, ITGOA.

We, while thanking the VII-CPC for giving us the chance for this presentation, reiterated that on all common issues, we fully endorse the memorandum submitted and evidence tendered by the JCM Staff side.  Further we confined to the following issues specific to the Departmental personnel.

  1. Pay Scales of Income Tax Officers: We pleaded to maintain the parity of scales of Income Tax Officers and similarly placed Officers in the Audit & Accounts Department, as the parity existed till the VI-CPC has been disturbed in the recommendation and implementation of the VI-CPC report.  The similarly placed Officers in the Audit and Accounts Department are now placed in PB-2 with grade pay of Rs. 5400 while the Income Tax Officers are placed in the same pay band with grade pay of Rs. 4800/- for no ostensible reasons.  The Commissions response to this was appreciative and positive.
  2. Pay Scales of Inspectors: Our submission was mainly to maintain the parity of scales with the Inspectors in IB and CBI which was prevalent till 5th Pay Commission.   The same was disturbed by awarding a higher pay scale to the Inspectors in IB & CBI by V-CPC.  Though after 2004, the same was restored by the Government, the restoration was not considered by the VI-CPC.  Again the parity was restored by the Government on our persistent efforts.  Therefore, we pleaded to recommend the same pay scale for the Inspectors of Income Tax which is proposed to be awarded to the Inspectors of IB & CBI.  The Commission assured us that the present parity will not be disturbed.
  3. Tax Assistants: Our submission was that till V-CPC, UDC/TA in the Department was on the same pay scales as that of Auditors/Accounts in IA& AD and other Accounting organisations.  From 2003, much after the implementation of the V-CPC report the pay scale of the Accountants/Auditors who are recruited by same agency with same examination are provided a higher pay on their postings to the Audit and Accounting organisations while others posted in the Department of Revenue are placed at a lower pay scale.  We urged that the pay of the Tax Assistants in the IT Department may be given the same placement scale that is being proposed for Auditors/Accounts in IA&AD.  The point was well taken by the commission.
  4. Notice Servers: Being an uncommon category in the Department akin only to the Postmen in Postal Department, we urged the Commission to maintain the parity with the pay scale proposed to the Postmen in the Postal Department. The commission indicated a positive note.
  5. Staff Car Drivers: Our submission for merger of SCDs in the Department with the mainstream cadres as on the policy of the Government, a large number of drivers are vehicle less and unoccupied  was not initially agreed on technical ground that the Department or the Government should take a decision.  On our further submission, the Commission indicated to make a reference of this point too.

Once again the representatives thanked the commission and urged to consider all the submissions made by the JCM staff side on pay and allowance and service conditions. 

Advance Increment on passing ITI Examination. On our demand, though the CBDT moved the proposal  for extending  the advance increment to Sr. Tax Assistants and Stenographer Grade II (old), the Department of Expenditure did not agree.  On our persistent demand, especially in the wake of DoPT and Department of Law concurring with the decisions of the Central Administrative Tribunals decision to grant the facility to the individuals who resorted to this course, the CBDT in the meeting held on 22ndDecember, 2014 agreed to take up the issue further.  On the reference by the Board the DoPT and DOLA advised to implement the decisions of the Tribunals and Courts in similar cases only.  Our further demand placed and discussed in the QRM dated 11thFebruary, 2015 and on our query whether the DoPT and DoLA and all concerned want the entire similarly placed employees should resort to litigation and get the equitable justice, the Chairperson and Member (P&V) categorically assured that all out efforts will be taken to get the nod for generalising the benefit to all similarly placed employees.   Our further persuasion at all levels and the sincere efforts made by the Chairperson and Member (P&V) the said benefit has finally been extended to Sr. Tax Assistants and Stenographer Gr. II(Old). We sincerely thank all the members who stood with us patiently for quite long.

Departmental Examination. The CHQ leaders had a meeting with the DIT (IT) in the matter of Departmental Examination on 30.03.2015.  After discussion and taking into account various aspect, both the side came to the understanding to hold the Departmental Examinations in the first half of July,2015.  On our request for simplification of syllabus, it was also assured that necessary steps will be taken by the Directorate to simplify the questions and improve the pass-percentage.   It was also assured that our request for a lenient view on the candidates who require only one mark to get fully qualified will be sympathetically considered.

Recruitment Rules. The Directorate of HRD has  convened a meeting on 30.3.2015 to discuss various issues raised by the DoPT on the RRs submitted by the Department.  One of the observation of the DopT was to make the condition laid down in the model RR for Executive Assistant(GP Rs 4200) that the residency period of the feeder cadre (GP 2400)  has to be 10 years.  We have categorically and forcefully objected to take away the existing benefit viz. three year qualifying period.  We have also objected to the suggestion of the DoPT to make mandatory training for promotion to certain cadres.  We have placed our stand that we are also for mandatory training at all levels and more frequently, but putting it as a condition for promotion cannot be accepted.  The Directorate considered our views and assured us that these points will be stressed further without any compromise.

Implementation of NR Parmar Judgement & DoPT Instructions.  In the background of the delay in implementing the instructions of the Board on the subject and problems brought out by certain Cadre Controlling Authorities, the DG(HRD) convened a meeting with the representative of ITEF and ITGOA and Addl. Commissioner(HQ) from certaion charges on 30.3.2015.  The meeting was chaired by Shri Krishna Saini, DG(HRD).  In the meeting we have also noticed that some of the Charges like CCIT,CCA,Bangalore are still having the opinion that the revision has to take place from top to bottom i.e. from ITI to down below whereas the true revision as per the spirit of the CBDT instruction to correctly determine the seniority,has to be  the revision from the bottom.  The point was made clear to all and it has been decided to revise the seniority of the cadres where the element of both DR & PR  exists accordingly.  It was also decided that  progress of implementation and revision of seniority list of all such cadres will be monitored by the Authorities every month.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally, 

(Rupak Sarkar)

Secretary General.

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