Grant of advance increment – clarification

clarification adv incr

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  1. admin says:

    Dear swamy,
    it has already been taken up

  2. Ramaswamy says:

    May we take it for granted that the case of Office Superintendents will not be taken up by the ITEF?

  3. Ramaswamy S says:

    Any updates for Office Supdts, regarding the two advance increments? Some of us, the affected Office Supdts, have filed a case in CAT. Do we have to wait for the outcome of that appeal?

  4. Ravi Kishan says:

    The fate of OS and Steno, G-I who cleared the IIT exam are sealed forever. No more hope for them.

    will the ITEF rise again to consider the double increment for passing IIT exam for OS and Steno,G-I ?

  5. Ramaswamy S says:

    Still the Office Superintendents are left out. What prevented the Board from including the Office Superintendents in the clarification order? Are the leaders taking up the case of OS seriously?

  6. DIXON DAVIS says:

    Thanks for the Update. Now CBDT has clarified the Earlier Circular dtd 27.03.2015.
    Thanks to “Henceforth” for creating such a big confusion

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