Dear Comrades,

The Secretariate that met on 22-04-2013 discussed at length the reluctance of the authorities in issuing the orders of compassionate appointment. The orders in cases of dependents of 10 of our comrades who were unfortunate to depart our world prematurely are awaited for over a year. The persistent effort from the Federation including the matter being brought before the Permanent Grievance Redressal Committee couldn’t yield the desired result. This is despite there being adequate vacancies earmarked for the purpose and the clearance from the screening committee constituted for the purpose. In the event, the Federation is left with no other option than to resort to agitation.


1]       Immediate issue of orders in all pending compassionate cases.

2]       Implementation of the decisions made in the Permanent Grievance Redressal Committee in a time bound manner.

3]       Convene the meetings of the Permanent Grievance Redressal Committee as per the direction of the CBDT.


1.      Boycotting all official programmes of CCIT(CCA), Kochi from 01.05.2013

2.      Staging demonstrations during CCIT(CCA)’ visit in field stations from

          01.05.2013 onwards.

3.  Lunch hour demonstration in all offices on 02.05.2013.

4.  Wearing of black badges on 06.05.2013.

5.  One hour walkout on 08.05.2013 from 11.00 A.M.

6.  Dharna in front of CR Buildings, Kochi on 09-05-2013.

7.  Half day walkout in the afternoon on 14-05-2013

All the members are requested to make the agitation a telling one. The Branch Secretaries are requested to educate  all the members about the seriousness of the matter and undertake extensive campaign to make the agitation a grant success.

To download notice of agitation served on CCIT[CCA] CLICK HERE

Fraternally yours


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