Lunch Hour demonstration: Date changed to 12-05-2014 – JCA circular




 Manishinath Bhawan

A2/95 Rajourigarden, New Delhi 110027

No. N-1/2015-18

Dated: 01st May, 2015


The Presidents/General Secretaries,

Of all the Units of ITGOA and ITEF.

Dear Comrades,

Central JCA in its meeting dated 28.04.2015 decided to organise a Lunch Hour demonstration on 06.05.2015 before all Pr. CCIT(CCA) to protest against the highhandedness of outside agencies in connection with the unfortunate incidence that took place at Lucknow on 31.03.2015. However, as per the request made by the JCA, UP(East) Unit, the said agitation programme is postponed for the time being.

 In the said meeting, it was also decided to protest against the delay in promotion from ITO to ACIT and other promotional issues. The meeting decided to hold Lunch Hour Demonstration on 14.05.2015, before all Pr. CCIT(CCA) offices under the banner of JCA. Later on, it has been decided by the Central JCA to hold the Lunch Hour Demonstration on 12.05.2015 instead of 14.05.2015. The Charter of Demand for the Lunch Hour Demonstration on 12.05.2015 is as under:

i) Immediate promotion from ITO to ACIT against the left-out vacancies of R.Y. 2013-14 and the entire vacancies of R.Y. 2014-15 & 2015-16;

ii) Immediate finalisation of Recruitment Rules of Gr. B & C employees;

iii) Immediate filling up of posts of Inspectors lying vacant for want of candidates in one category by promoting the eligible candidates in the other category.

All the units of JCA are requested to make the programme a grand success.

With warm regards,

Yours comradely,

                   Sd/                          Sd/

(Bhaskar Bhattacharya) (RupakSarkar)

                      Joint Convenors

2 Responses to Lunch Hour demonstration: Date changed to 12-05-2014 – JCA circular

  1. SUNIL C J says:

    The bottom staff particularly TA/STA are doing 500% times job due to not posting staff in some sections. The time barring work cannot be avoided. Making statistics etc should be stopped till appointment of adequate clerical staffs as a method of agitation.

  2. SUNIL C J says:

    The guidelines of DOPT for framing recruitemnt rules is a problem. TA to STA 10 years vacancy period.(G.P 2400 to 4200)
    MTS to TA 13 years(G.P.1800 to 2000 5 years and 2000 to 24000 8 years. All this vacancy periods are not acceptable while framing recruitment rules. Otherwise framing recruitement rules in these DOPT guidelines would be a great problem. It will decrease even the normal promotion. All the vacancy period should be abolished. Whenever there is departmental test then there is not required vacancy periods in any cadre. In C & A.G (Audit) this was adopted. Atleast as a one time meassure all these vacancy period should be abolished, to fill the vacant vacancies of restructure. The number of vacancies we got due to restructure in 2003 May. After even two years nobody new has come. Give importance for these points also.

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