Circular No. 4/15-17 of CHq. Lunch hour demonstrations to be held on 6th & 14th May.



Manishinath Bhawan

A2/95 Rajourigarden

New Delhi-110027

Circular No. 4                                                                               Dated: 29.04.2015.

Decisions of Secretariat & JCA meeting held on 28.04.2015. 

The Secretariat Meeting of ITEF CHQ was held on 28.4.2015 at ITEF Delhi Circle Room, Civic Centre, New Delhi at 4.00 P.M under the chairmanship of Com.Ashok Kr. Kanojia, President, ITEF CHQ.

Under the First Agenda Review of the programme of March to Parliament called by the JCM Staff Side” The Secretary General initiated and all the members of Secretariat participated in the discussion. After discussion it was ascertained that around 1750 members from ITEF participated in the  March to Parliament held on today i.e 28.4.2015. 

Under the Second Agenda “Review of the pending demands” the following issues were discussed.

  1. Implementation of N.R.Parmar Judgment in all cadres and to conduct DPC for the panel year 2014-15 before August 2015.
  2. To change the word ‘henceforth’ in the Advance Increment order. And whether to include O.S and Stgr Gr I.
  3. Finalisation of Recruitment Rules
  4. Instruction to conduct DPC for panel year 2015-16
  5. Conversion of steno quota to ministerial for ITI promotion
  6. Extension of relaxation for Inter-charge transfer
  7. Merger of Staff Car Driver in the Main Stream

Under Organisational issues the situation arising out of the Lucknow Incident was discussed.  We are enclosing herewith a brief note on the incident that took place in the office at Lucknow on 31.3.2015.  The house registered its strong protest against the way the Department handled the issue.  Since the incident took place in the office premises, in spite of the repeated pleading by the JCA, the Administration has not taken any serious steps to bring about a conducive atmosphere for restoring normalcy in office and to cause discussion with the authorities in the Central Bureau of Investigation.   The Officials including the leaders of the ITEF and ITGOA and their family members are living in a horrified atmosphere.  In view of the above situation, the Secretariat decided to extend full support to the members and leaders of Lucknow Charge.

After the Secretariat meeting, the JCA meeting was held at the same venue.  The JCA mainly discussed two issues viz. the Lucknow incident and inordinate delay in holding the DPC for ITOs to AC for 2014-15 and supplementary DPC for remaining vacancies of 2013-14.   On the issue of Lucknow,  JCA unanimously decided to hold the demonstration programme under the banner of the JCA against the lethargic attitude of the Administration in the matter and to stand in solidarity with the members and leaders of the JCA in Lucknow Charge. Accordingly the Secretariat appeal to all the Circles to hold Lunch Hour demonstration on 6th May, 2015 in solidarity of the leaders and members of JCA of Lucknow Charge.

On the second issue of already delayed promotions  to ITO to AC and other Group B & C cadres, diversion of posts lying vacant in Inspectors for want of eligible candidates in Stenographer cadre and finalisation of Recruitment Rules as per report of the Sub-committee etc.  The JCA decided to hold Lunch Hour Demonstration on 14th May, 2015.

The Secretariat also decided to vigorously peruse with the authorities all other pending issues and important issues drawn after discussions in the XXIX All India Conference at Guwahati.

All the Circles are required to carry out the above two programmes under the banner of JCA at all places.  The JCA circular is being sent separately.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


(Rupak Sarkar)

Secretrary General.

Brief note over the incident that happened at the premises of Income tax office, Lucknow on 31.3.2015.

The limitation for completion of assessment proceedings under the I.T. Act normally expires on 31st March, every year.  Due to this stipulation 31st March is almost 24 hour working day in Income tax Department with cent per cent attendance of officers and Staff.  31st March, 2015 was no different and Lucknow offices of the I.T. Department were functioning in full swing.

CBI seems to have planned to execute a vigilance trap were on 31.03.2015 of an Income tax Officer, who appears to have indulged in the corrupt practice of demanding money for doing favour from an assessee. Besides the officers and employees, the office was crowded with a number of assesses, their authorised representatives, Chartered Accountants and their Assistants and many others on the crucial day.  The CBI did not however, deem it necessary to inform of their plan to the Head of the Department or to any other Senior officers of the Department either after the execution of the trap or thereafter. 

Some of the employees who were not aware of the CBI plan for effecting a trap mistook their action as manhandling of one of the officers, who had the assessment charge, by the assessee or his henchmen.  Having heard of the unsavoury incident, quite a number of employees and other visitors to the office assembled in front of the chamber of the concerned officer.  The CBI Inspectors on seeing the assembly of a sizeable crowd in front of the room of the officer locked the same from inside which unfortunately gave birth to further fury and anger to the assembled crowd of people.  They attempted to push open the door under the mistaken impression that the assessee and his henchmen were manhandling the officer.  It was only when the local police reached the spot, the real picture emerged and the crowd got disbursed immediately, who were assembled in anxiety to protect one of their colleague officers.

Thereafter the CBI filed an FIR against the officers and employees of the I.T. Department alleging that they had been indulging in obstructing the CBI to carry out its legal functions.  The local police took immediate cognisance of the FIR filed by such a prestigious organisation, the CBI and began to arrest and harass the employees especially at the lower levels and the Union leaders, whose names were taken from the Name board placed in front of the Union office.  The actions pursued by the local police under the influence exerted by the Senior officers of the CBI.  It must be stated unambiguously that the commotion and chaos in the office on 31st March, 2015 was due to the mistaken identity.

In the background of the above mentioned facts, it would be clear that the incident was the product of mistaken identity.  In the circumstance, it is prayed that the appropriate direction may please be issued to CBI to bring about an amicable settlement to this issue. 


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