Circular No. 8/2015-18 of Central Hq.


Manishinath Bhawan

A2/95 Rajourigarden

New Delhi-110027.


Cir. No. 8/2015-18                                                                       Dated.20.08.15

Central Working Committee Meeting at Ghaziabad on 13th & 14th August, 2015 and decisions.

The Central Working Committee Meeting was held at Ghaziabad, UP(West) as scheduled on 13th and 14th August 2015.  The UP (West) Circle of ITEF made excellent arrangements for accommodating the CWC Members. The incredible hospitality and committed team work of the members of the Circle, specially the members of Ghaziabad Branch, will always be remembered in the days to come.

Com. Ashok Kanojia, President, hoisted the ITEF flag in presence of the all CWC members and the members of UP (West) Circle at 10.10 AM on 13th August 2015  followed by the inaugural session at 10.30 AM with lighting of lamp by Shri A.K. Jain, Hon’ble Member(P & V), CBDT, Shri Anand Deep, Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, UP (West), Com. Ashok B.  Salunkhe, Ex-President, Com. K. P. Rajagopal, Ex-Secretary General, Com. Ashok Kanojia, President and Com. Rupak Sarkar, Secretary General of ITEF, New Delhi.

Com. Ajai Tewari, General Secretary, ITEF, UP (West) Circle, in his welcome speech greeted Shri A.K. Jain, Member (P & V), CBDT and all the Dignitaries, Guests and members of Central of Working Committee present in the inaugural session. He illustrated nicely the glorious history ITEF,UP West Circle  and magnificence of the cities of Kanpur,Ghaziabad and Agra.

            Com. Ashok Kanojia, President, while delivering the presidential address highlighted the various issues of the employees of the Department and also touched upon the major issues concerning the employees pending with the CBDT. He urged upon the Member(P &V) CBDT to resolve the issues immediately.  Shri. Anand Deep, Pr. CCIT, Kanpur while addressing the CWC appraised that ITEF is a dynamic organization. The Pr. CCIT, Kanpur has given his assurance to settle the problems concerning his charge such as providing proper training to the staff members, to pass promotion orders, to settle court cases, to sort out infrastructural problems and to provide good working condition.  Shri. A. K. Jain, Member (P&V), CBDT, while delivering his address expressed his pleasure on attending All India Conference of ITEF at Guwahati, Managing Committee Meeting of ITGOA at Chandigarh and CWC meeting of ITEF at Ghaziabad. The Member(P &V) appraised the house that the ITEF representing a large number of workforce in the Department and the representatives of ITEF are innovative and cooperative in putting forward the issues before the CBDT which shows their gratefulness.  The Member (P&V), while responding the issues placed by the President, ITEF, narrated the background and status of the pending issues. Com. Rupak Sarkar, Secretary General, ITEF, while addressing thanked the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour for accepting the invitation of ITEF and expressed his gratitude to the CBDT for granting advance Increment to Sr.T.A./Steno, carry forward of Stenographer vacancy to Ministerial Staff for Inspector promotion and direction to all  Pr. CCITs to conduct skill test for the relaxed standard Stenos.

The CWC felicitated Com. Ashok B. Salunkhe, Ex-President and Com. K.P. Rajagopal, Ex-Secretary General of ITEF CHQ, New Delhi for rendering their long services to the Federation and sacrifices in building of this organisation. The leaders in their deliberation stressed upon the strengthening of the organisation, significance and necessity of JCA in detailed and called upon the working force to participate in the ensuing 2nd September strike on Common and Departmental demands.

Com. Ajay Goyel, President, ITGOA, addressed the gathering and highlighted the present situation in the Department relating to promotion and infrastructure and also emphasized upon the importance of JCA struggle. Com. Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Secretary General of ITGOA also greeted the delegates and wished the CWC meeting all success. Both the leaders assured to extend their support for success of ensuing 2nd September strike in our Department

The inaugural session concluded with vote of thanks by Com. Pradeep Batnanai, President, UP(W) Circle.  The meeting adjourned for the lunch at 1.35 p.m.

            The CWC resumed at 3.00 p.m. for discussion on subject session.

            The subject session was presided over by Com. Ashok Kr. Kanojia, President ITEF CHQ, New Delhi.  The President called the House into order and extended warm welcome to all members present in this House.  All the Circles were represented in the CWC except A.P. Gr. `D’ Circle.  1-Minute Silence was observed as a mark of respect in memory of those comrades who passed away during the period of last CWC meeting to this CWC meeting.

            Agenda No.1:  Minutes of the last CWC meeting held on 18/2/2015 at Guwahati, was placed before the CWC which was approved unanimously with a query raised by Com. S.P. Sharma, General Secretary, Rajasthan Circle, which was replied by the Secretary General.

            Agenda No.2, No.3 and No.4 taken together:  Com. Secretary General initiated the discussion on pending issues on the Departmental & Organisational matters, functioning of JCA and other common issues.  All the members of the CWC (one comrade from each Circle) participated in the discussion and placed their issues.

After detail discussion and deliberation on various issues the following important resolutions including some pending issues were passed in the CWC and urged upon the Central Board of Direct Taxes for settlement of the issues before the next Quarterly Review Meeting.

  1. 1.                  Review the implementation of Biometric Attendance system in our Department failing which staff members will restrict themselves only to office hours. The Staff members will not attended office on holidays and after office hours.
  2. 2.                  To withdraw the order of Videography in the Examination Hall.
  3. 3.                   To stop misuse of operation vehicle and an order should be given to all Pr.CCITs for strictly maintain the norms of use of Operational vehicle.
  4. 4.                  For official work sanction Laptop to all Inspectors and for communication to all staff members provide Mobile Hand Set to all employees (as had been done in the case of CsIT and above by providing BLACKBERRY) and  enhance the petrol reimbursement for Inspectors & Notice Servers.
  5. 5.                  To merge the Staff Car Drivers with main stream cadres as a one time measure.
  6. 6.                  Regular training to be given all employees, specially immediate after joining in the Department, after promotion to the higher grade and after change of Software System.
  7. 7.                   Unified Guidelines/Instructions to be given all Pr.CCITs for implementation of judgment or handling different Court Cases. All Court cases should be handled properly and promptly.
  8. 8.                  To extend the benefit of determining MACP entitlement and to stop recovery from the officials who were already benefitted.
  9. The erstwhile Group-D employees aged more than 50 years may be considered for promotion to the higher grade by relaxing the Computer Skill Test.
  10. Extension of benefit of two advance Increments to OS & Steno Gr.I for passing Departmental Exam. of Inspectors

           The other issues raised by the members of the Central Working Committee will be placed before the appropriate Authority immediately after the CWC meeting.

            On organisational issues, the House unanimously resolved to request the ITEF Mumbai Circle to nominate its representative to the Secretariat of the ITEF CHQ. Thanking the House over the resolution the President of ITEF Mumbai Circle Com.A B Salunkhe assured the CWC that appropriate steps will be taken and communicate to the CHQ. Regarding inclusion of representative from the Group D Circles, the House decided to take decision in the next CWC.

            The House also unanimously decided to go for agitation under the banner of JCA on the following demands, which require immediate attention of the Board for settlement.

  1. Promotions to the cadre of ACIT, for all regular and CRC      vacancies and upto the R.Y.2015-16, are to be given immediately.      Conducting DPCs for R.Y. 2015-16 in all cadres by the respective Pr. CCsIT      by 31st of August, 2015 positively.
  2. Provide      Infrastructure facility to all Officers and officials i.e. ample space      with modern furniture, Computers with nodes, etc.
  3. Steps      to be taken to fill up all vacant posts immediately to stop outsourcing of      regular office work/data entry work.
  4. To      regularise all Casual/Daily paid workers against MTS posts, who completed      10 years of service as on date in the Department.
  5. Finalise      and notify all Recruitment Rules of Group B & C officials immediately.

            Agenda No.5: For maintenance of the Manishi Nath Bhawan, ITEF, CHQ, New Delhi a proposal for creating Building Maintenance Fund through collection from the members of PB-1 of Rs.50/- and from members of PB-2 of Rs.100/- (for one time only) unanimously approved by the CWC members. The Secretary General appealed before the House to collect from the members and remit the amount in favour of ITEF before the next CWC.

             Under the Agenda No.6, reconstitution of the Advisory Committee and finalization the names of the Chairman, Election Commission and Disciplinary Committee, it was decided to maintain status quo and the present set up will continue till the next CWC meeting.

             Agenda item No.7: All circles were requested to propose the names of lady comrades to be nominated for the CWC by 31st August, 2015.

Com. Yashwant Purohit, Vice President ITEF, CHQ, New Delhi, proposed vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and CWC members for attending and making the CWC Meeting a grand success.  He was echoing the feeling of the entire members and placed sincere gratitude on behalf of the Secretariat as well as all dedicated members of the ITEF UP (West) Circle for making the Meeting a memorable one.

                    For having no other matter to discuss, the President of the meeting thanked the House for their presence and active participation in the 2-day proceedings and declared the meeting as closed.

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